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Saving our suffering world - Rinascimento Millennium3 - RRM3

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Articolo di Prof. George Onsy 

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Pubblicato il 03/11/2021 00:58:53


“Together for Europe’s Future … Together with Europe for the World”




Our RRM3’s Logo and slogan.


Since it started a few months ago, the international cultural peacemaking movement RINASCIMENTO-RENAISSANCE Millennium III has tirelessly examined each and every new challenge our world faces. Working with a huge directing body of thinkers, writers, and media people making up the European Board and Intercontinental Advisory Committee, this promising movement continues to echo the awakening voices of Europe as well as those of the entire world.


It is true that RINASCIMENTO-RENAISSANCE Millennium III works for Europe’s future-facing her rapid demographic change that’s dramatically altering her identity while also managing the present and future conflicts arising because of the inevitable clash between the European governments’ secularism and the different levels of understanding and practicing religions. However, we should never ignore the fact that such an accelerated change in Europe’s structure will eventually have devastating impacts on the whole world. So, while welcoming refugees is human, introducing them to European societies of deeply rooted nationalities and cultures through a keen multi-dimensional system of Integration is even more human.

Moreover, let’s never forget that the present and future Europe should assume responsibility and vital roles in helping her sister-continents that have suffered for many decades from the European imperialism that exhausted their material and structural resources. There must be serious efforts to rebalance the luxury and prosperity which Europe, ‘Zeus’ most beloved goddess’, is enjoying today against the impoverishment, both in resources and state structures, of many other countries that used to be her former colonies yesterday. That’s why RINASCIMENTO-RENAISSANCE Millennium III holds with full responsibility her slogan:

“Together for Europe’s Future … Together with Europe for the World”, where “For the world” means not only world peace but also world crisis-management and prosperity through sustainable development projects.

We are not judging Europe here for her past ambitions, on the contrary, we are just trying to read history’s lessons aloud. We are moving fast to sustain Europe’s present and future security, since helping and enlightening yesterday’s impoverished who could be today and tomorrow’s terrorists menacing her very existence is the real security that all fortresses and weapons can never promise. Yes, the time has come for a HUMANISTIC Europe to rise up again to guide the world with love, carrying the flame of a new Renaissance that restores the immortal values of her Renaissance of the XIV-XVI centuries replacing humanity back into its central position of all concerns and aspirations over and above all other views and biases.

That’s why, as the Renaissance’s original logo depicting that Centrality of Man which Leonardo Davinci had sketched through his ‘Vitruvian Man’, we have also coined it, alive and active, to be also our emblem with the dawn of the long-awaited Mind Shift and an Everlasting Human-centered World Order shining behind. But how can our Renaissance of this millennium, RINASCIMENTO- RENAISSANCE Millennium III, make this a reality?

RINASCIMENTO-RENAISSANCE Millennium III works on 4 Levels of Action to help our suffering world:

First: Our world is a world shattered by ideological conflicts particularly those caused by religious intolerance and fanaticism. So, RINASCIMENTO-RENAISSANCE Millennium III is building up a Universal Humanistic Spirituality out of the heart of all world religions, that’s why most of their followers continue to appreciate and enjoy our daily spiritual messages that aim at Human Unity with the One and Unique Source of our existence. We help people, no matter their belief systems, to climb up the Pyramid of Religions in order to get closer to one another and reunite at its peak with our very Source and Reference, over and above all our dogmatic differences and prejudices separating us at the base. So, in a suffering world, followers of different religions and convictions should never marginalize, anathematize and fight each other, rather they must be united with all the common values they have learned in order to help out humanity, God’s most precious creation.


The Religions’ Pyramid and how all of us can be one in the ONE – Spiritual poems and artworks for unifying followers of all religions through divine love – ‘THE ETERNAL POEM OF LIVING’: A Workshop Series for practicing and enjoying the Psychosomatic Approach for Body-Spirit-Soul Harmony facing all Life Challenges.


Second: Our world is torn by racism and ethnicity. So, RINASCIMENTO-RENAISSANCE Millennium III is extending bridges of dialogue between the segregated cultures through the geographical dimension, making peace and planning for multicultural cooperation everywhere, as well as through the historical dimension where the pioneers of the past Renaissance continue to inspire and guide those of our 3rd millennium. This is our Celestial Council connecting the roots of an intellectually rich past into the complex ramifications of a disoriented present.


Third: Our world is suffocated by deeply rooted problems of high complexity whose international problem-solvers are still using ineffective approaches of endless verbal debates trying to diagnose, analyze, and make decisions for their solutions with only words and numbers. So, RINASCIMENTO-RENAISSANCE Millennium III is applying an unprecedented Problem-solving Visualization Paradigm to map out problems/crises, however complex they may be. Throughout all the problem-solving process phases: Diagnosis, Analysis, and Solution Decision-making which must be incorporated into an operative Action Plan and coherent Follow-up Mechanisms empowered by an impactful global Media Campaign.


The Mapping-out System we use to visualize the systematic processes of diagnosing, analyzing, and solving the world’s high complexity problems: Problem Scope – Opinion/argument Spectrum - Multi-level Networking – Media Campaign.


Fourth:  Our world dwells upon a planet that has been mercilessly polluted and impoverished and now enters the millennium of paying the longest and heaviest bill ever. So, RINASCIMENTO-RENAISSANCE Millennium III is planning to help by creating and monitoring urgently needed creative and multidimensional sustainable development projects to explore in the so-called poor, including those wrongly thought to be ‘weak’, like women because of gender disparity and children who are still vulnerable, a boundless power. Likewise, RRM3 is working hard to make the rich and powerfully aware of their humanitarian role, ENRICHING and EMPOWERING the less privileged rather than trying to get richer or more powerful themselves. So, we continue to help the marginalized, the women, and children take a leading role in healing our world.


Adapting and creating new Sustainable Development Projects.


These 4 Levels of Action are the ongoing process of RINASCIMENTO-RENAISSANCE Millennium III’s 10 Strategies that range from the most Spiritual down to the most practical level:


Strategy 1


1-A. On Divine Love 

Mystical-intellectual poetry, art, music, and presentations to help enhance human unity, across all beliefs, through the One Creator’s love.

1-B. Living Poetically Forever

A mystical-practical workshop series applying a multidisciplinary psychosomatic approach for body-spirit-soul harmony and for facing all life’s challenges.


Strategy 2

Religions Harmony 

World religions converse harmoniously through literary works, arts and unifying research in order to enhance and sustain human unity across all religious differences.


Strategy 3

Knowledge/Culture Scope 

3-A. The Interdisciplinary Knowledge & Our Soul:

3-B. Technology & Technocracy

Studying the technological progress to analyze its influence on our life


Strategy 4

Cultures Dialogue

World civilizations/cultures converse through literary works, art, music, essays, linguistics, and intercultural research.


Strategy 5

Egypt & The World

-        Egypt’s International Role: Focus on Egypt, ‘Ta-Mri’ or ‘The Land of Love’, as she was named by her great founders, and her vital role in the world’s political dynamics and peacemaking.

-        Religiosity and National Belonging: How to reunite our religious faith with our national loyalty and struggle


Strategy 6

Human Concerns

Echoes of human sufferings through literary and artistic expression, and in the light of the international researches and initiatives of positive change.

Strategy 7

Laws & Human Rights

Comprehensive studies and analyses on the current laws between their theory and application in the light of international human rights.


Strategy 8

Media & Art Analysis

A visualized structural system for analyzing media and popular-art campaigns in order to study their influence on our today’s world and to develop and activate constructive media/art productions.

Strategy 9

Problem Visualization

An innovative geometrical modeling system for visualizing, analyzing, and activating crisis-management, problem-solving, and conflict-resolution mechanisms.

Strategy 10

Sustainable development

A new geometrical modeling system for analyzing, activating and monitoring all vital sustainable-development projects: Income generation, woman empowerment, TOT, educational development, etc.

This is how we move forward … This is how we intend to save our suffering world with urgency and efficacy.

We are really blessed by our active members, both of the European Board and the Intercontinental Advisory committee. With great pleasure, we would like to present them here below, with special thanks to Italy from which we have more than 15 members on our European Board. Indeed, history repeats itself as the XIV-XVI c. Renaissance was also initiated by Italian pioneers. We hope to expand our movement across other European Renaissance countries to include more of today’s luminaries continuing with this 3rd Millennium Renaissance in full power for a world with less suffering:


Founder-President: George Onsy - EGYPT (thinker, writer, poet, artist, peace science researcher).

Associate President: Goffredo Palmerini - ITALY (writer, journalist, festival organizer).

Vice President & SD Coordinator: Nikki De Pina - UK (founder-president of Global Peace Let Talk-GPLT).

Cultures Dialogue Coordinator: Michela Zanarella – ITALY (president of Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue Network, editor-in-chief, poet).

Academic Coordinator: Franca Colozzo - ITALY (writer, architect, professor, researcher, Human Rights activist). 




ITALY Antonio Granai d’Italia Licari (poet, cardiologist) – Maria Luisa Gasperini (history reseacher, medical doctor).

FRANCE  Catherine Boissaye (poet, admin of French FB cultural groups)Dominque Brats (Unicef member, FB cultural group founder, writer)Jeannine Mazzichi-grotto (writer, FB cultural group admin) - JAPAN-Paris: Toshie Tai (lyricist-calligraphic master, poet).

UK  Keith Barnard (poet-Composer) - Clive Norman (poet) – Gerald Weeks (poet, painter)UK-India: Jyotirmaya Thakur (thinker, poet, translator, journalist, peace ambassador).

SPAIN  Ana Maria Lorenzo (Spain’s laureate poet) – Jose Santiago (poet).

BELGIUM Anne-Marie De Cock (Educationalist of young generations).

PORTUGAL  PaulacristinaConseicao (poet).

GERMANY  Elisabeth Dietz (translator) – Christa Werth (writer).

AUSTRIA  Dariusz Pacak (professor, poet).

THE NETHERLANDS-Egypt: Cornelis Hulsman (editor-in-chief of ARAB-WEST REPORT, writer, publisher)

SWEDEN Per Josefsson (writer, poet, translator)Joanna Svensson (writer, poet).

RUSSIA  Anjela Postnikova (writer, professor, future researcher) –                                                                          Olga Nekludova (language and literature professor)  Elena Guryeva (professor).

GREECE Antonia Tsitsi (writer, poet, painter, cultural sponsorer) - Melina Papa (writer, translator) - Dimitris P. Kraniotis (poet, medical doctor).

ALBANIA  Delo Isufi (lawyer, writer).

SERBIA  Marija Najthefer Popov (cultural event organizer, writer).



USA  Renee Drummond Brown (writer, poet).

CANADA-Croatia  Ibrahim Honjo (poet).


ARGENTINA: Griselda Alicia Soriano Chiesa (writer) – Maria Cerminara (WUP, poet) - COLUMBIA: Noe Andres Trujillo (writer).

AUSTRALIA  Nancy Deniss (poet).


GHANA: Akua Withmina (educational developer, school principal, writer) NIGERIA: Prince Guy (Lawyer, youth Ambassador, poet, speaker).


CHINA:  KC Lee (philosophical thinker, poet) JAPAN-Paris: Toshie Tai (lyricist-calligraphic master, poet) KOREA: Sungrye Han (professor-poet) – INDIA: Sumana Bhattacharjee (poet) - Priyatosh Das (poet, medical doctor) PAKISTAN: Muhammed Shanazar (peace literary organization director, poet) - Sardar Saifullah Khan Rind (sustainable development promoter) - Hania Noor (poet, medical doctor) – BANGLADESH: Sadia Arman (lawyer, poet)  Monira Sultana Popy (HR activist) – MALAYSIA: Alan Liew (writer, poet) –TURKEY: Güzin Oralkan (writer, poet, pharmacist) - Türkan Ergör (Sociologist, Writer, Poet).


EGYPT: Fawzy Ramadan (national campaign president)– Ahmed El-Sheemy (Cultural researcher, professor) - Mandour Saleh Hikel (poet) - LEBANON-Cairo: Hana Shishiny (writer, poet) TUNISIA: Hayet Haj Khalil (professor, poetess) – Radhia Hemissi (costume designer).




Arab & Islamic World-Europe Coordinators:

THE NETHERLANDS-Egypt: Cornelis Hulsman (editor-in-chief of ARAB-WEST REPORT, writer, publisher)EGYPT: Maram Qabeel (Isalmic and religions’ dialogue researcher, art/culture institute president) - MOROCCO: Monsif Berual (peace ambassador, poet).

Africa-Europe Coordinators:

SOUTH AFRICA: Thora Fawcitt (HR activist, researcher) – CONGO: Patrick Masemo (HR activist, media worker) – NIGERIALamina Kamiludeen (founder-president of WORLD INSTITUTE FOR PEACE-WIP) - Lumazio Azubuike (UN Peace Ambassador for Human Rights and Youth Education) - Idrees Amao Hadiyutallah (Islamic Institute professor, writer).

Asia-Europe Coordinators:

CHINA: James Tian (Central Chinese TV, journalist, poet) INDIA-UK: Jyotirmaya Thakur (thinker, poet, translator, journalist, peace ambassador) - INDIA: Sumana Bhattacharjee (poet).

Lt. America-Europe Coordinators:

SPAIN-Italy: Elisabetta Bagli (president Association Latium, writer LA VOCE D’ITALIA) – MEXICO: Alicia Minjarez Ramirez (professor, poete) - PERU: Samuel Cavero (cultural organization founder-president, writer) - Silvia Ortiz (writer, poet, translator) - JAMAICA: Tamika William Curator (artist, teacher, peace activist) - CUBA: Delsa Lopez (writer, poet).

N. America-Europe Coordinators:

NativeAMERICA-Canada: Eilie Brown (environment advocate, poet) - USA: Kasey Kathi Lisnek Gloer (women advocate, poet) – CANADA: Ashok K. Bhargava (writer, poet, founder-president of WRITERS INTERNATIONAL NETWORK-WIN) CANADA-France: Thérèse Lepage Lachapelle Bhatnagar (writer, culture-study researcher, ballroom dancer).

Australia-Europe Coordinator:

Ade Caparas Manilah (founder of POETRY, METAPHYSICS AND SOCIETY, writer, artist, designer).




ITALY: Giuseppe Lorin (journalist, professor, networks president) – Maria Miraglia (founder of WFP, writer, professor of literature, cultural event organizer)  Elisa Mascia (Editor Alessandria magazine, radio Krysol Internacional, cultural event organizer, poet)  Massimo Massa (writer, cultural event organizer, publisher, poet, artist) – Maria Teresa (radio literary critic professor, writer, poet,) - Regina Resta (President Verbumalandiart, cultural event organizer, poet) – Vincenzo de Caro (founder of FB cultural groups’ Network, writer).

SPAIN-ITALY: Elisabetta Bagli (president Associacion Latium, writer LA VOCE D’ITALIA)

SPAIN: José Luis Rubio Zarzuela (editor-in-chief of Revista Poetica Azahar, poet) - José Carlos Ramos (founder of Radio Magic, poet) - Victoria Nowak (co-founder of Radio Magic, writer).

IRELAND-France: Marya Berry (foreign correspondent, broadcaster, radio critic, writer).


THE NETHERLANDS-Egypt: Cornelis Hulsman (editor-in-chief of ARAB-WEST REPORT, writer, publisher)

GREECE: Roula Pollard (writer, poet, literary promoter) – Eva Potropoylou Lianoy (writer, journalist).

USA: Duane Vorhees (poetry website founder, poet).


MEXICO: Veronica Valadez (Broadcaster, journalist, educationalist, poet) - PERU: Carlos Garrido Chalén (founder-president of Union Hispanicomondial de los Escritores-UHE, poet) - CHILE: Manuel Antonio Rodrigez Retamal (Maktub Azur) (broadcaster at krysol Internacional, cultural events organizer, writer, poet). COLOMBIA: Enrique Linero Serrano (cultural organization founder-president, economist, poet).


CHINA: James Tian (Central Chinese TV, journalist, poet) - Zhi Zhang (poet, critic, translator, publisher) - CHINA-NZ: Sue Zhu (poetess) - INDIA: Sethi Krishan Chand (publisher, writer, poet) - PAKISTAN: Ayub Khawar (TV producer-director, playwright, lyricist, poet) - Yaqueen Ahmed (writer, poet, journalist, peace ambassador).


EGYPT: Mamdouh Abdel-Aziz (president of LCC News Network, journalist) - Ahmed Aly (national campaign media official, journalist, writer) – Kamal Mattar (TV producer-director) - Alaa Rizk (strategic center president, journalist).




ITALY:  Marina Pratici (cultural event president, writer, literary critic, poet) – Sergio Camellini (Italy’s laureate poet, psychologist) – SICILY: Calogero La Vecchia (cultural event organizer, professor, writer) - Regina Resta (President Verbumalandiart, cultural event organizer, poet) – Massimo Massa (writer, cultural event organizer, publisher, poet, artist) – Gaia Greco (festival organizer, activist) - ITALY-Lt. America: Stefano Capasso (cultural event organizer, publisher, poet).


INDIA: Jarnail Sing Anand (thinker, writer, poet, publisher).


PERU:Carlos Hugo Garrido Chalén (founder-president of UME, writer, poet) – Samuel Cavero (cultural organization founder-president, writer) - Graciela Noemi Villaverde (Cutlural networking, writer).


PHILIPINES & INTERNATIONAL: Epitacio Tongohan (founder-president of PENTASI B POETRY, writer, father of Visual Poetry) - Eden Soriano Trinidad (cultural event organizer, poet).


EGYPT: Fawzy Ramadan (national campaign president).

Most welcome, dear everyone to join us!

* George Onsy-Egypt: Founder-president of RRM3, Professor at The Egyptian-Russian University in Cairo, Thinker, Poet, Artist, Researcher on Peace Science, and Advisor/Ambassador for many International Cultural Organizations that work for world peace and development.

dr.george.onsy@gmail.com – https://www.facebook.com/onsygeorge

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