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At the Turn of the Year, 2022-2023

di George Onsy 

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Pubblicato il 31/12/2022 23:20:44

May be an image of text
When the Space-Time Gates Open Wide
Every year,
During these very last hours of the year,
We look once more with one eye at
Our forgotten past, and with the other at
An unknown future …
Backward, with regrets or thankfulness?
Forward, with worries or wishes … even dreams?
Every year,
I insist to stay, at this very special time,
Quite alone, me and You, my Maker
However, this year, I’ve invited many
From across the long history
From around the boundless world
This year,
As it breathes out its very last hours,
Here I’m, calling those friends
Of creative minds and souls
Who I have had many dialogues with
Here are Europe’s founders of the -ISMs
Of Art, Philosophy, and Literature
Here’s the Greco-Roman Greece
With my pen-friend Sappho
The legendary poetess of all time
Out of the Greco-Roman,
Comes also from Rome, Ovid,
After we had our long talk in his exile,
Here are also coming
Cicero, Julius Caesar, and Vergil
Let’s welcome the High Middle Ages
And the Renaissance luminaries,
Dante, as he’s talking in his ‘Commedia’
With his eternal friend Vergil,
And with Leonardo, as we’re still discussing
Our today's world existential challenges
Then, our banquet widens to let us talk with
Italy’s composers Albinoni, and Giazotto,
Of the great immortal Adagio,
France’s Descartes, Victor Hugo, Napoleon,
And the Cathedral Notre Dame of Paris
Who is still talking despite her burnings
Wait! Let me also open our soul’s door to
England’s Shakespeare, and William Blake
Then, continue my discussion with
Duke of Wellington, after his victory
At the Battle of Waterloo over Napoleon,
About our suffering world’s destiny
And I haven’t forgotten Oscar Wilde
So, I called him from his dark prisons
In a little while, Germany’s Goethe, Schiller,
Emanuel Kant, Von Platen, and Herder come
In converse, then, with Beethoven and Wagner,
I'll be talking about the great 9th Symphony
Spain’s Poet St. John of the Cross is also coming,
Followed by Cervantes hand-in-hand with
His genius creation Don Quixote
As I had before many dialogues with them both
And with Don Juan of Tirso de Molina,
Discussing the Sexuality versus Spirituality
Then, with Salvador Dali about his Last Word
Likewise, Russia’s last Tzar, Nicolas II, is invited
From his last hour before leaving dramatically
Our world with his dear family. Finally,
I'll be running a roundtable to explore
Time, Past, History, and Eternity
With Gorky, Pushkin, Tolstoy, and Dostoyevsky.
Some may think I’m crazy or just dreaming
But they’re alive, immortal, and still breathing
Filling the air with their thoughts and voices
Which are still echoing through my
To Message the Past with Soul’s Whispers.
With the artworks I created as sections’ separators and the book cover of my 5th book:
Messaging the Past with Soul’s Whispers"
India 2022-2023
** And to you, dear friends everywhere, I won’t say: “Happy New Year!”, but rather, Happy Beginning of an Eternal Existence, starting with a Life-changing 2023!

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