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Racconti per il Cinema -Script Lab

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RACCONTI #9 | IDM Script Lab

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Application now open!

RACCONTI #9 | IDM Script Lab will once again explore new approaches to storytelling for feature films and will work on encouraging a rigorous creative process with a focus on original and deeply resonant storytelling. International writers, directors, and producers have the opportunity to apply for the program, which is aimed at developing original feature film projects with the support of international experts.
Writers or directors with screenwriting experience can apply as a team together with a producer (2 people max. per team) and work with creative advisors to facilitate the deep exploration needed to fully realise their material. The project must have an independent producer or a production company attached, as the main goal of the full program is to dive deep into the writing and productive process and be ready to present the projects in a final pitching session designed to find co-producers and possible investors.

Participants will mainly work in group sessions, where they can discuss their work and develop their projects with the help of a creative team of talented writers. Furthermore, one-to-one meetings with high-profile international experts will encourage the creative processes necessary to achieve the best possible result from strong stories.
Three projects presented by teams of writers / directors with screenwriting experience and producers will be selected, and the teams will be given the opportunity to develop their own ideas with the assistance of a wide range of film experts, each workshop focusing on a different segment of development. Participants are given tailored guidance in developing the script and the visual style of their respective projects, drafting a financing and distribution strategy, and finding international partners.

By the end of the workshop, participants are expected to present a final draft of the script and a strong production and distribution strategy. The program ends with a final presentation to the industry at INCONTRI #10 in 2021, the film conference of IDM Film Fund & Commission, where industry professionals attending the pitching session will be granted a first look at the three projects. The goal is to attract co-producers, VOD platforms, or broadcasters willing to join the production company which owns the rights of project.

Facts and Figures
Deadline for applications is June 17th, 2020.
RACCONTI #9 | IDM Script Lab consists of three 4-day workshops in South Tyrol (Italy) and a writing phase in between and after each one.

Session 1: November 2020.
Session 2: January 2021.
Session 3: March 2021, before INCONTRI.

The working language is English. Masterclasses of international experts are open to all participants.
Fee: EUR 800,00 + VAT
Call for Applications

We are launching a call for full-length feature film projects to participate in the RACCONTI #9 | IDM Script Lab.

We are looking to support exciting emerging voices with an original project in development which has what it takes to meet market requirements and attract potential partners.
Candidates should be open-minded, curious, and ready to discuss their ideas with high-profile tutors and creative teams of talented writers. Projects must have an independent producer or a production company attached.

Excellent English skills, team spirit, and the willingness to work in an international environment with other writers and producers are an absolute must for this opportunity.

Your application
The call for applications is open to participants from all over the world.
In order to apply, the following material must be submitted in English in PDF format:
• Cover letter (1 page max.): Introduce yourself and your project. Briefly outline who you are, what your project is about, where you are in the creative process, and how you think the lab can be helpful to you.
• Synopsis (2 pages max.): A brief summary of your project including all major characters and story points and the ending.
• The first 5 pages of the script (the full script will be required for projects that pass the first selection and enter the second round of interviews held via Skype).
• Artistic statement (2 pages max.): Describe your creative vision for the project.
• A producer’s letter of intent (1 page max.)
• The top-sheet budget
• Bios with filmography (500 characters max. per bio): For up to two members of the creative team (writer / director and producer)
• Evidence that the necessary rights of exploitation of the work have been acquired (in case of a non-original concept).
• Materials informing about the audio-visual approach: Still pictures, video mood board, etc. (optional)
• A link (with password) to a previous short film or audio-visual work (30 minutes max.) (optional)

Selection Process
IDM will send all candidates a note of acknowledgment of receipt for the application documents, which will then be formally reviewed. Applications which do not meet the specified requirements will not be accepted.
All applications will be reviewed by a team of international and highly experienced readers who will compile a shortlist of projects to submit to the selection committee. The projects that pass the first selection phase will enter a second round of interviews, held via Skype.

Following this process, the selection committee – consisting of the Head of Study, the IDM working team, and the tutors – will select the projects which will then be invited by IDM to participate in the RACCONTI #9 | IDM Script Lab. The criteria for selection are:

• Project quality and originality;
• Relevance for/project connection to South Tyrol;
• Considerations as to the production prospects of the submitted material.

The reasons for selection or non-selection will not be disclosed.
IDM will notify the candidates who will be invited to participate in both sections of the RACCONTI #9 | IDM Script Lab by early October.
Here you can find the application guidelines and the general terms and conditions.
The deadline for all applications is June 17th, 2020.

Development Process & Creative Team
The development work for the RACCONTI #9 | IDM Script Lab will take place over the course of three sessions in South Tyrol (Italy), each lasting for 4 days, as well as an online working phase in-between and after each session. Session 1 will take place in November 2020, session 2 in January 2021, and session 3 in March 2021. The workshop locations and dates are subject to change and will be announced to participants well ahead of time.
The program is a combination of group sessions, one-to-one meetings with highly qualified international experts, and master classes. Each workshop will focus on a specific aspect of the whole creative process of project development, writing, production, marketing, and audience engagement.

The first workshop will focus on project development: the full project team (writer/director and producer) will be coached by a script consultant with extensive international experience to achieve the best possible result by creating strong stories.
During the second workshop the participants will explore international financing opportunities and strategies through a detailed analysis of producers’ finance plans with the support of professionals from across the industry. The experts will provide industry updates on legal issues, international co-production practices, and public and private funding schemes.These consultancies will be addressed to the producer while the writer/director will continue to work on developing the script together with the tutor.
The third and last workshop will aim at building the marketing and distribution strategy for the project. Participants will receive a full overview of the actual marketing trends in terms of targeting and positioning their projects on the international market. With the support of high-profile business professionals they will work on building a strong, full film dossier and developing the pitch presentation.
This package is an extended business card for the project.

• RACCONTI#9 Application Guidelines (pdf, 222 KB)
• RACCONTI#9 Terms And Conditions (pdf, 228 KB)

Alessia De Paoli
PR & Film Location
+39 0471 094266

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