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Erdoğan’s Turkey

Argomento: Politica

di Franca Colozzo
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Pubblicato il 16/10/2019 23:57:19

Hagia Sophia  -  Santa Sofia a Istanbul (TURKEY)

Erdoğan's Turkey

  • Data di pubblicazione: 13 ottobre 2019
Stato: online


What destiny can be reserved for Turkey, the history and the events taking place under our incredulous eyes will tell. Having been for work reasons for a seven-year period in that country, I take the opportunity to raise my voice without going into the merits of current political events. To the tangled political situation that turns on the Arabian Springs, on the Kurdish question and on the Middle East question, are added further pieces related to hegemony on territories, such as Kurdistan and Syria, where by now any possibility of action is precluded, especially after outbreak of the Syrian civil war and the establishment of a terror regime linked to Al Qaeda and ISIS.

The Arab Spring, which radiated from Algeria to Tunisia, up to the Maghreb and the Mashreq and suffocated in Syria in blood, certainly did not facilitate the current situation. Just think of the wave of refugees that has poured into the territories located in the extreme foothills of southern Turkey, on the border with Syria ...

Today it seems that the extremes touch each other, like the lines parallel to the infinite according to Euclidean geometry. Absurd, isn't it? And yet it is not if the terrorist danger knocks on Turkey's doors. Sunnis against Shiites contend for power in Iraq; Al Qaeda has generated that monstrous creature that is ISIS or "Daesh", with its Caliphate of terror in southern Iraq; the Salafite fundamentalists weave plots in the shadow of the mosques and the Komeinists settle on extreme positions, anti-American and anti-Western.

This escalation of Islamist drift has already infected Libyans, Tunisians and Egyptians. Compare the data of the last elections of the latter: in Tunisia the Islamist party had won; while in Egypt the "Muslim Brothers" had prevailed, at first, to then be ousted from power by a military coup ... What does Europe do in the midst of this mishmash? It remains to watch, gripped by an unprecedented economic crisis and by the English Brexit of June 23, 2016 that are likely to make it implode. Meanwhile, Libya after Gaddafi is fragmented into more tribal souls, each of which intends to prevail over the others, while the Caliphate has settled in Sirte, a few kilometers from the Italian coasts and continues to recruit desperate young people, particularly Tunisians.

Power has turned into a monster that grows larger every day, devouring everything and overwhelming balances, long established, on which the West had bet. Now that Western aid languishes because of lack of money, the misery that spreads in the air inevitably leads to a religious drift on which the more fundamentalist fringes are based. As a result, tourism has collapsed both in Tunisia and in Egypt due to riots and destabilization. In this context of devastation, unimaginable only a few years ago, the germ of discord was planted on which Iran blows. A wind of war that does not promise anything good ...

This gambling has shaken the nerves of Western rulers, terrified that the Strait of Hormuz could be closed, with all the imaginable repercussions for oil going to the West ... The fundamentalist drift seems inevitable even for a country like Turkey that so far it has remained on secular positions, such as to guarantee the geo-political balance in the entire surrounding area.

Have you seen the skilled strategic maneuvers of Prime Minister Erdoğan who managed to anticipate the moves of European partners during the Arab Springs? Europe, unable to draw up a single political strategy for North Africa and the Middle East, has been overtaken by Turkish decision-making.

Erdoğan's blitz in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt, with unexpected timing, wanted to send a signal: Turkey, shaking off the European status of member state - not yet perfected due to lack of will to respect the civil rights required by the Union as a conditio sine qua non for its official entry into Europe - it wanted to underline its hegemonic role within the Mediterranean chessboard as a lay Islamic state.

Able to dialogue more successfully with neighboring Muslim peoples than other European interlocutors, it has woven a series of surprise relations with those countries that emerged from the war, like Libya, or from the uncertain outcomes of the Arab Springs ... Now, after the coup suffered or ridden for political reasons by President Erdoğan, the situation in Turkey is even more deteriorated with an unpredictable epilogue that hopefully does not lead to the civil war in that country.

But meanwhile his current policy aims to destroy the Kurds in Syria ... And everyone is watching as the carnage of the Kurds, used by the US against Daesh and now abandoned to their fate, does not stop. And the world is watching impetuously, while the USA, like Pontius Pilate, wash their hands ...





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